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ERS - Emergency Response Service

ERS - Emergency Response Service

The most critical part of the telecoms operator or company network is the service to the customer, the members of the public, after all, they are the people that eventually pay the bills.

Understanding this, and the importance of "On Air Status", we provide and sustain for our clients a full service, tailored to suit the clients network requirements and attendance regime.

Procurement Team

The principles of the PS Networks Ltd procurement team have drastically changed over the years.

Originally set up to ensure materials and plant were available at the point of requirement, the section has developed to encompass our ethical purchasing policies in relation to the quality, quantity and wastage of products as part of our commitment to the environment.

We now have a team of managers and administrators who ensure that the products are fit for use, are at the correct price and are available to the project managers to enable contract commitments.

Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems

We have developed over the years from the traditional Excel and Word reporting systems to a more robust and in-house designed MIS [Management Information System].

Using SQL Database functions at it's core, the aim of this tool was to provide document and data control [ISO 9001] and the efficiency of recall of data that is imperative to network management.

This system allows us to output any number of tailored and client specific reports, but also allows the business operations to benefit from the current 200+ standard reports for Stores Allocations, Work In Progress, Resource Planning and many others.


PS Networks Ltd have designed and developed an in house IMS "Integrated Management System" to support the business operations in Quality, Environment and Safety.

These systems use ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and OHSAS-18001 as the founding principles of the QMS "Quality Management System", EMS "Environmental Management System" and SMS "Safety Management System", and have been designed to compliment the day to day operations and our clients needs. We look forward to achieving continuous improvement and further enhancing our systems.

PS Networks will provide you with a fast and efficient service so call or email us today.